Innovation breakthrough! A scientific and technological achievement of Benlang New Material has reac

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发表时间:2023-07-14 17:49

On July 11, Benlang New Materials independently established and implemented the "Low-temperature activation and sintering technology and industrialization of continuous large-scale diamond toolsThe project went wellThrough the achievement evaluation meeting organized by the Chinese Materials Research Society.

Evaluation site

The evaluation committee consists of Tian Yongjun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mao Xinping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lu Zhi, a supervisor of the Chinese Materials Research Society and a professor-level senior engineer of China Nonferrous Metals Guilin Mineral Geology Research Institute Co., Ltd., executive director and secretary-general of the Chinese Materials Research Society, and China Mining It is composed of Zhang Zengzhi, a professor at the University (Beijing), and Lin Feng, the chairman of the Superhard Materials and Products Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Materials Research and a professor-level senior engineer.

at the meeting,expert groupAfter listening to the technical work summary report made by the technical representative of Benlang New Materials, seriouslyreviewCollected relevant technical data and inspected the project products.After inquiry and discussionexpert groupShouldprojectThe technical level and application effect were highly recognized, and it was agreed that the equipment and technology developed by the project reached the international leading level, and the product performance reached the international advanced level

Experts listen to reports and discuss

The project faces the low production efficiency, high labor intensity and product performance of the traditional manufacturing route, which are increasingly difficult to meet"Large cutting volume", "high line speed" and "high stability" production line requirementsand other problems, the invention is suitable forThe progressive continuous hot-pressing sintering equipment and process for the preparation of integral large-scale diamond tools, as well as the construction technology of self-cooling channels with porous helical tooth structures, have developed high-activity pre-alloyed powders and surface-coated diamond abrasives suitable for this process equipment. technology. The products have excellent characteristics such as stable performance, high grinding efficiency and long service life, and have entered European and American markets such as Brazil and Italy in large quantities. The successful implementation of this project has broken the traditional intermittent manufacturing mode, which is the first in the world, and has laid a good foundation for the intelligent manufacturing of superhard tools in China.

As one of the leading enterprises in China's superhard material products industry,Since its inception,Benlang New Materials always adheres to the road of independent innovation, drives technological innovation and manufacturing upgrades with the project system, realizes a number of product technology industry firsts or leads, and forms a number of domestic and international advanced and leading technologies that fill in the gaps. Innovation promotes new development of companies and industries.

This Benlang new materialLow-temperature activation and sintering technology and industrialization of continuous large-scale diamond toolsquiltrated asThe international leading level is another achievement of our company in technological innovation, which will provide practical guidance for the company to further develop high-performance products, and also provide important support for the innovation and promotion of new technologies in the deep processing industry of customers. In the future, Benlang New Materials will continue to uphold the mission of "innovating materials and technology to achieve a better life", insist on tackling key technologies in the industry, and let more outstanding scientific and technological achievements "flower" in Benlang, contributing to the development of the superhard material industry.